ICT Tax Tips


ICT Tax Tips

From a NZ Tax perspective many options are available regarding your ICT equipment, network infrastructure, software and support services.

Here are some ideas that we suggest you talk to your tax adviser about:

  • Do you purchase your equipment in advance (Capex), or do you pay for it as you use it? (Lease).
    • What are the differences and tax implications between the two when expensed into your annual accounts?
    • If your equipment is not leased do you depreciate using the Straight line or Diminishing value method?
  • Do you pay for your ongoing ICT support services in an ad hoc manner or do you pay a fixed monthly fee?
  • What should my ICT budget look like for my business given a reasonable expectation of reliability, productivity and competitive advantage in my industry?

Often we wait until the end of the financial year to think about tax. This year why not be proactive and plan your tax outcomes in advance. Why not take advantage of tax incentives and ensure your IT is up to speed. Maybe an audit would be a good idea.

ICT System & Network Audit

  • Review your current hardware & licensing
  • Report on system performance
  • Recommend actions to manage your network to protect & improve performance

Security Audit

  • Scan your network for current incursions or issues
  • Pinpoint any exposure or risk form hackers, viruses, spyware, spam and even employee sabotage
  • Recommend alternatives to improve your network security.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Audit

  • Review your current backup routine and test your data can be actually be recovered?
  • Review your disaster recovery procedures to ensure business continuity?
  • Recommend improved methodology, technology, or routines to enhance business disaster recovery.


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